Synthetic Humans and the a Scientific Dictatorship

We are gaining new technologies with amazing speed. The scientific heights to which we are climbing are truly dizzying to consider. To be sure, ascending to uncharted heights at unprecedented speeds is thrilling... but is it at least reasonable to consider that there are dangers involved as well. In terms of technologies, we see a... Continue Reading →


If God is good…

Multiple hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes... terror attacks... criminal activity exposed... not to mention, all of the difficulties in our individual day-to-day lives where we give and receive evil thoughts and deeds related to other people... In light of all the suffering we've seen lately, I thought it'd be appropriate to revisit a message I gave a... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Believe That… About Origins

Anyone who thinks about life and living much at all has pondered the question of where we come from. In this talk, we'll look into the two major views on origins: Evolution and Creation. It doesn't get more controversial than that. But, very few things have more bearing on life and living thatn the topic of origins, so let's dive in together!

Aliens and the Evolution of Spirituality

Why are we talk about aliens with my first blog in several years? Well, because everyone else is!!! Just this week, NASA has announced that it is hiring for a position called "Planetary Protection Officer" to protect Earth from biological alien invasion. This even though there is zero empirical evidence for aliens at all.  ... Continue Reading →

‘The Signature in the Cell’ Book Review

Regis Nicoll recently posted this incredible article in the All Things Examined column at  The article is a book review of Dr. Stephen Meyer's new book The Signature in the Cell.  This looks to be a landmark publication in its contribution to the design/evolution conversation. I encourage you to read this insightful review and then exercise the... Continue Reading →

A quick note on the fairy tale of evolution…

A brief little segment from a harmless article on the impending cicada invasion provides a great opportunity to illustrate something that a lot of people miss about the theory of evolution. First, here's the quote from the article: Scientists believe this long dormant stage evolved as a means to outlive predators, such as the circada... Continue Reading →

Killing in the name of…

In a recent post at a frightening portent of the American future was brought to light.  If our legislation continues its current trajectory, killing the elderly, disabled, terminally ill, unwanted, and even unproductive of our society is coming.  This will all be done in the name of "quality of life", expediency, and cost-effective health care.... Continue Reading →

Rob Bell and “Love Wins”

The new book by Rob Bell called "Love Wins" is causing quite a stir, even before its release to the general public.  The controversy centers around the ideas of universalism (i.e. everyone goes to Heaven) that Bell seems to overtly espouse in the book.  I have not read the book as of yet (I will... Continue Reading →

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